About us

One of Morocco's best-kept secrets is the Berber oasis of Nkob, where the 45 kasbahs make you stop and stare. For hikers, Nkob is a gateway for the five-day loop across Jebel Saghro along with shorter hikes to the spectacular rock pinnacles of Bab n'Ali. 

Mohamed Najimi, Born and raised in Nkob, done my studies at Ouarzazate then Marrakesh, have occuped several jobs in moroccain cities, till i had the chance start this business in the tourism industry. I am travel lover and supporter to sustainble tourism, i have been so far to different countries, thats why i would like to show you my country and share with you some experiences. Beside to Tamazight, i can speak Arabic, French, English, Spanich, Dutch, German, and Italian. We will be waitng for you.   

Auto entrepreneur : Mohamed Najimi , Nkob 47702 Maroc

Common Company Identifier : (ICE) 002246971000045

Tax ID : 34411853

Professional tax : 47730984

Registration file number : AE-181112-351829

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